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Hollywood Independent Garage is your one stop shop for all your automotive needs! We offer a wide variety of services to make sure you get back on the road in no time.

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Since 1979, our goal is to compete with bargain auto repair shops by providing a quality finish to ensure that your car runs like new after a collision. Our team of expert technicians can provide repairs on all types of vehicle damages that are sure to outperform the competition. Through Hollywood Independent, you can be sure that we will give your vehicle every repair needed in order for it to match factory specifications.


13 December 2010

"My car was in a minor accident but it needed a new bumper and a paintjob ... needless to say, Hollywood Independent Auto Body repaired my vehicle back to the way it was and quick! Thanks a lot!"
- Tod S.

21 November 2010

"My truck had been vandalized so after calling my insurance company, they told me about Hollywood Independent Towing. I had them tow my car and after seeing their professionalism, I agreed to let them restore my car. I am very happy with their service! Their prices are very competitive and the quality speaks for itself."
- Martin C.

03 September 2010

"Great reliable service! And fast!"
- Miranda K.


Hollywood Independent:

Has a highly convenient location enabling us to
handle claims from all areas of Los Angeles.

Offers Lifetime Warranties* on all paint and body

Welcomes Any and All Insurance claims.*

Provides Free Estimates & Towing arrangements.

Can provide car rental services.

Has over 25,000 Sq. Ft. of garage space.

Has 60 car parking on location.

Additional 150 car storage facility.

Services Overview:

Hollywood Independent Auto Body offers a variety of services that help make your experience easy and affordable.

Full Restorations

Painting & Refinishing


Body Work

Car Customization

Towing Service

On-Site Battery Service

Car Rentals

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